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Evolve Coaching: Motherhood Simplified

Prenatal Package - Build a solid birth plan & learn all about the labor & birth process. This path will give you the tools to feel prepared & confident for labor, for the mom who just wants the birth education, not the Doula Support.


Postpartum Package - Navigate life with a new baby. Consciously and Intentionally design your days and establish your parenting style. These sessions will give you the tools to run your home like a Matriarch. Sessions will focus around how to split/ delegate household responsibilities, implementing routines, and adapting to career shifts.


Price: $800 - 4 sessions

What is included:

  • 60-90 minute coaching sessions¬†
  • An instructional PDF detailing what we went over
  • Recap emails and homework to help you integrate the information you learn


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Expand Session: 
Add on calls when additional coaching is needed. This can be utilized for anything from Birth and Postpartum planning, navigating new Relationship Dynamics, Career Shifts, or Intentional Parenting Skills. 

Price: $150 private 60 minute Zoom call.



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