About me

Hi, I’m Mariya! I can’t wait to join you on your birth journey.

I am a mother, massage therapist,  space holder, and educator for women as they navigate pregnancy and  parenting. I believe that birth is a sacred right of passage where women are shown the true extent of our power and are realigned with our highest selves. 

I believe there is a need in our world for mothers to reclaim the birthing process and all that encompasses it. In my own first labor experience, my hospital staff made me feel belittled, vulnerable, unimportant, and at times... straight up bullied. I needed to understand WHY, so I took the deepest dive into all things birth and became a doula. 

After years of witnessing both beautiful undisturbed births and heartbreaking hijacked births, I learned the importance of listening to mothers with deep trust and protecting their peace with my whole heart.

With the birth of my second child I closed my eyes and pictured every single woman who allowed me to witness them in their power, through their experiences I had the courage to achieve a redemptive home birth of my own. I want to use the tools that I’ve picked up in the last 4 years to help more women experience birth fully in their power. 

To protect my own nervous system, I limit the amount of hospital births that I attend, and if I have reached my limit I would be happy to connect you with other amazing doulas.